Comedy and Life

All I can say is great things are happening right now, and I can't talk about any one of them yet.

But, since the last time I updated I was on Last Comic Standing on NBC and performed on Adam Devine's House Party on Comedy Central. I also performed at the Gilda's Laughfest and the Miami Comedy Central Festival. Which are all great things I loved doing.

But I need more of an update so let's talk about life.

It's been an interesting couple of years,  stand up and writing have been getting better with work becoming steadier. The biggest transition is I lost 120 pounds about a year ago after a year of diet and exercise. I know that number is high, but what can I say, it happened. I gained that amount of weight in about four years, and let's just say I was always more of an indoor kid, so I wasn't a STRONG fat guy. I was a weak fat guy, the worst kind. Strong fat guys get cool nicknames like "Ox" or "Tank", people usually called me "Sweaty". Half the battle of weight loss as anyone larger knows, is dealing with depression, only recently have I tried to actually get a handle on it. Contrary to popular belief, most fat people aren't jolly. After talking with comics openly about my experiences, I found depression is something most comedians deal with and do not talk about. This time in my life has been about changing and trying my best, and feeling the difference.  I can really tell you guys the benefits of taking life head on. Of course, I still feel intense cynicism to the world sometimes like a lot of people, but you can also decide to be positive to yourself and I've found that positivity breeds positivity. You just have to start. I just say that to anyone reading who maybe feels like I did. Anyway, enough sentimentality, onwards and upwards!


...Still Good

Hey everybody! Um... some more updates? Here they are! 

I was named one of the Top Comics to Watch, separately, by both Comedy Central and LA Weekly. So . . . watch me? Well, it's seriously an honor and I'm happy and blah blah blah. Links supplied below. Other than that all I can say is good things continue to happen that I can't fully talk about till they happen for sure, but I'm optimistic. 

Things Are Good

Well, it's been a while but here's the good stuff. I worked as a writer on season 2 of Loiter Squad on Adult Swim, and I will be appearing in a sketch whenever that gets around to airing. I started writing for Upload With Shaq on TruTv and will be coming back to write for season 3 of Ridiculousness. Plus doing some side writing for some web stuff not sure when I can talk about it. I'm still performing around Los Angeles and got flown out to perform in the Ottawa Comedy Explosion, which if you live near Ottawa, holy shit go to it next year. And lastly I got written up in this nice article on of the top comics in 2012. Esquire is like a classy Maxim, so please wear a monocle when you take off your pants. I'm very humbled by all the great opportunities and nice things people have said and done for me. I've been getting a lot of kind words about the album, I appreciate everyone downloading it! The results have been great!


Well hello, how are you? Starting next week I will be a creative consultant on Ridiculousness(MTV). The people on the staff are incredibly funny and nice, I'm so thrilled. I spent a little over a year in LA before this; sleeping on couches, in my car, and occasionally my own place when I could afford it. Although my own place was quite awful as I was living with an elderly jewish man in his deceased child's room. I was so used to previously earning my money through road comedy that I would give horrible interviews for day jobs. When you really know what it is you want to do, it's hard to fake enthusiasm for other things. Not only is this new job welcome for the great opportunity it is, but also because I will finally not be living hand to mouth for the first time in my adult life. It's really a new experience. I went to best buy the other day and bought Arkham Asylum and had a moment of realization that I could actually afford this, I didn't have to worry or just look at the thing as I usually do and leave. I was truly grateful. 


Stand up is fun still. My new worry in stand up is that the people I love in stand up are geniuses. True geniuses to the craft in the same way Twain would be thought of for writing and racism. So, the knowledge that people out there can break out of conventions, be completely unique and incredibly thoughtful while amassing a fan base, well it's a mixture of frightening, daunting, and inspiring. Who are these people? 

Well let's see...

Stewart Lee

Tim Minchin

Rory Scovel

Paul F. Tompkins

Aparna Nancherla

Bill Burr

Maria Bamford

Todd Glass

Patton Oswalt

Andy Kindler

The list goes on. Usually when I see these people I mutter "I quit" and leave the room very angrily.