Hello Jerks!

Hampton Yount is a comedian and writer.

He was born in Virginia, started comedy in DC, aged four years, and now lives in Los Angeles. He won the DC Improv Comedy Competition in 2008 and other lesser important comedy contests in VA. He soon made a name for himself as the premiere contest winner and cheater of DC. He's been invited to the Bridgetown Comedy Festival three times now and picked out of 600 hundred comics to compete in the Laughing Skull Festival where He was a semi-finalist. He's written for Upload With Shaquille O'Neal on TruTV, Fantasy Factory on MTV, Loiter Squad on Adult Swim, and is currently a writer for his second season of Ridiculousness on MTV. He's appeared on the G4 Network, will be appearing on Adult Swim. He's also performed stand up to millions of listeners on the Bob and Tom Radio Show, The Nerdist Podcast young comics special, and XM Comedy Radio. Esquire Magazine recently named him one of the comics to watch in 2012. 

The webcomic that he made with his brother Clay Yount Rob and Elliot has reached a wide fanbase and has been a critics' favorite on occasion. 

Here are some reviews of him...

"He's got this really boyish face, and he's a really great joke writer. Stylistically, he's not the same as Paul F. Tompkins, but he has the same ability to build a premise in a way that you don't see the joke coming. Then, suddenly, he's taken it to a place that you don't see."- Esquire Magazine.

"Of all the comedians coming to The Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, I was most excited to see Hampton perform... and he lived up to the expectations.  He is a very good dude and a very funny comedian who truly has fun on stage!" Marshall Chiles, runs the Funny Farm and Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta.

'"Hampton—he is the rare dependable one that shows up on time, clean & sober, destroys the room and quietly leaves—no drama."-Curt Shackleford, runs Laugh Riot at the Hyatt Comedy Club, and Standupcomedytogo.com

"Unflappable devilish intelligence"- accurately describes Brightestyoungthings.com

"Yount, has a relaxed, gregarious comic style"- points out The Washington Post

"Her boyfriend, also a comic."- raves India Abroad